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A-Z of ME

18 May

There is really so much I could tell you, but I guess starting with the basics is a good way to go!

Well, I am Ashley (*AA* from The Dirty Diaper on FB). I have a wonderful hubby, who is just as crazy as me. We made a son who is now 15 months old (as of yesterday) his name is Linus. Well that isn’t his birth name, but it would be totally cool if it was. He carries around a blanket and is usually dirty (CHARLIE BROWN), so that’s where the name comes from. I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of pics or anything of my husband. He is kind of anti computer. He has a fb but its only because I set it up for him.

Oh, it's just me and the hubby, but mostly me haha!

Oh, it’s just me and the hubby, but mostly me haha!

Linus on his first Birthday!

Linus on his first Birthday!

Enough about them, this blog is about me, haha No really I talk about them a lot. They are my family.

I am from a small small town in Tennessee. Redneck if you will. I have lived in the same house for 24 years, well almost 24 yrs I moved out for a year and a half. Apartment life just isn’t for us! Inspections and all kinds of other privacy violations. You wouldn’t know it because I am making a blog, but we are some private people. Now we are 5 deep in a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom. Expect to hear more about this, it blows six ways to Sunday, ya dig?

I have a strong personality, and can sometimes be conflicting with people. If I come off rude, well most of the time I don’t mean it, but sometimes I do! I am just blunt….I do a lot of unconventional things that most people would consider crazy. I don’t think it’s that crazy…..It’s just life!


I feel like it is a must to touch on my Dirty Diaper Family. They have become so important to me over the last few months, and cannot imagine not having some of you wonderful ladies in my life.

It's all us TDD Admins

It’s all us TDD Admins

Hey, they have blogs too, go to the menu bar on this page and their names are there. Come on try it, just click a name, you won’t be disappointed. We are all so different yet get along so well.

I give lots of advice even if not really asked for it, I’ve been through more than my face and 24 yrs can ever begin to reveal. I am sure I will share at some point about some of these things.



DID I MENTION I HAVE A POOL, so you might have to pry my cold dead body from the pool to get me in here and write, maybe get some funny drunken holiday stories (4th of July is always crazy here).

If you call me a redneck I promise I won’t be offended. It’s a way of life I wouldn’t trade for the world. Some of the nicest people here in TN, however you can also run into the “I wanna kill everyone’s spirit” person. Those people are everywhere, don’t let it get ya down.

As you can see I have ADHD, cannot focus on one topic for more than a few minutes. SO be prepared for my scatter brained chaos to ensue.

Real life as it comes, be prepared, we will talk about anything from the alphabet to the moon and back.

Oh yeah here is some more me haha

Yup you guessed it, it's me!

Yup you guessed it, it’s me!

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