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Micro-Hiatus, because They are Easy!

14 Aug

I took a small break that ended up totalling a couple of weeks. I feel pretty bad, but it is time to get back on this train to fitness train and not dwell on it. Currently I am sitting at 189 pounds, with my first goal of 180 pounds approaching fast! YAY ME! It has been a journey. A long, hard journey. I started in January and have magically went from 260 pounds down to where I stand now. No small feat and it doesn’t happen overnight. Thats for sure! These past few days I have been struggling with what type of program or regimen for working out I should do. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave me a msg! For now I suppose I will stick with the 30 day shred that is turning into the 60 day shred!

This is before the magic happens! 207-208 pounds

This is before the magic happens! 207-208 pounds


after the 30 day shred.


Side view after the 30 day shred

I am going to leave you some tips that have helped me with shredding the weight.

1. Get Plenty of sleep. You do not burn near enough calories without sufficient sleep, heck did you know you burn calories while sleeping?

2. Take your weight and divide it by half and consume that many ounces of water.
ex. I weigh 189. Divide by half and that equals 94. Drink as many ounces of that in water a day!

3. Portion control. Go buy some child sized plates and eat off of it. I even eat with the baby spoons and forks for the most part. If you aren’t used to seeing the correct portion get in the habit of measuring it out, just so you can have an idea of how much you should be eating.

4. Put the flipping fork down in between bites. Chew your food good. Maybe even have a conversation with someone instead of just shoveling it in.

5. Get active. I know it is tough at first, and you will think of every excuse not to do it…….BUT JUST DO IT! Get in cardio first and mix in some strength and toning.

Strive to be better!
❤ you guys!

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