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National Guard

16 May

Well I know I have talked a lot about this man on facebook, I guess I owe it to him and the fans to say something about it here. Kind of put a face and picture together in one place so you can truly understand. My grand-paw passed away May 8th of this year, and let me tell you it was rough. Everyone knew this day was approaching, but I still found myself mad at the world, WHY did this have to happen to me was my first thought…I know how selfish? I wasn’t thinking about the real picture here. I know we all have different faiths and now is not the time to debate them, but in my faith or religion I believe in God, Therefore the only conclusion that that can be drawn is he is in a better place, right? YES. Again he is not struggling for his kidneys to work, which they weren’t at all, his heart is good and new, and most of all he can breath with ease.

    After listening to tons of inspiring songs artists like Hank Jr, Mumford & Sons and some Shinedown, I think I figured out things were going to be okay…never great but okay. Some kind of peace ran over me, as if God himself touched my soul and said, “hey get your ass in gear, you have done this before.” I pulled it together!

No matter what happens, we are Men and Women and we can make it though ya know?

So I leave you with this pic of my grand-dad, in his honor, since he fought for the freedoms that you and I get to live with (the Army National Guard).

Grand-dad 1

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