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I Hope My Distant Memories Never Fade Away

29 May

Every single last time I go to write about what it is I want to write about, I forget. Yeah, I know….what kind of blogger am I? Well I am me, that is all, nothing more and nothing less. That is what you will get here. On a side note….

Just thought you may wanna know...

Just thought you may wanna know…



I am not even sure where to start, okay well, I registered for my classes in the fall. I have 2 so far and need some fillers. Calculus II and Art. I saved art for the end on purpose. I am artistic? No, okay I lied. I am not in the least bit artistic, but I love art! That counts I am sure.  I will most likely be taking it with the BFF who is just starting her college journey as I am closing up mine. I will graduate this fall with an Associates of Applied Science and an Associates in Pre-nursing, where I will start working and my BSN journey. Minor in Spanish. Kinda a big deal around here. Not many go on to college or to even do anything.

Memorial Day happened this week too. Did you know that? I forgot until last minute, I feel ashamed. A lot of my family is or was Military. Remember that post I did about my grandpa? If you didn’t feel free to check it out.

I feel like I need to take the time and let you know my reflection on the somber and exciting day a day for Memory! I feel so amazingly blessed to live in a country that may fight for my life and freedom, even if not completely free, ya know? To stop their life to fight. That means giving up their own

Our Memorial Day Collage

Our Memorial Day Collage

This was my son in 2012 on Memorial day and this is him this year On Memorial Day 2013

This was my son in 2012 on Memorial day and this is him this year On Memorial Day 2013

families or even the ultimate sacrifice their life…..for you and for me. Even if you don’t support the countries president or whatever you have where you live or other officials, the soldiers deserve some respect. Okay so here is this day for them. What should we, the people do on this day?

Well I say we should BBQ, swim, drink, and whatever it is your family or friends likes (watching movies, being lazy, spending it with the kids etc). I do not think they would want us over here feeling bad for having fun, after all isn’t

Some of the Fam

Some of the Fam

that what they are fighting for, so we have the chance to do as we please. So pardon me when I do just that and BBQ, drink, spend time with family, puff the occasional fatty and whatnot. Now I know a lot of people think oh yeah this isn’t about BBQ’s and having fun or whatever, but YEAH IT KIND OF IS (yeah I seen the memes going around fb)!

My cat, oh my sweet cat, Died late Memorial Night. He has had a brief battle with AIDS after getting into a fight with an infected cat down the road. His journey ended. He was 14 years old, how fitting. This cat I tell you he was a warrior always holding his own and watching over us and the kids. Pets become like family and it is always sad to see them pass.

The BIFF and I decided to take the kids to Pizza Hut today (just so happens her mom works there). Scored some free grub, then loaded the kids up took them to the park. Played our asses off and decided it was too damn hot for that crap today. Left and hit up the sprinklers while us mamas got our tan on….um if tanning means ending up looking like lobster that is. My baby fell in the grass today and his newly broken

At the Park

At the Park

tooth started to bleed. He brushed it off. Parted ways with the biff to meet up with the cuz and hubby to do some swimming.

It has been a busy week already and shows no signs of slowing down. If you could ship some wine my way that would be greatly appreciated…..possibly even a spa day? I need it on top of my wifely and mother duties, however throughout all of this I remain humbled at how great people actually are. How blessed I am to call myself a wife, mother, and friend. The little moments truly have been the best in my life and I cannot wait to keep making more memories with the people who mean the most to me. Let’s cheers to not taking advantage and for granted of what we actually have for once. 

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