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Drink and Let Drink

10 Jun

I have always talked about water safety, and even drinking and water safety. If you cannot control your alcohol intake or get faded fast please just don’t drink ha! I am a mom, I parent differently than maybe my best friend and even you other moms. Does that make the way you do it wrong? Nope, not at all! That isn’t what this is about. It never is!

I so cool, I let the kidlets drink because I do, NOT!

I so cool, I let the kidlets drink because I do, NOT!

I will never hide things from my son. I want him to feel like we can talk openly, or at least as openly as possible. I want him to know he can come to me no matter what (sex, alcohol, and drugs). With that being said, why would I not drink in front of the kidlets? It would be contradictory to my lifestyle. I feel like I was never a horrible drinker because my parents were open with me about alcohol. If it worked on us I am hoping it will work on mine! Not the best motto, but for this it works.

Some parents do get the luxury of shipping their kidlets off when they want to have some adult fun, but It isn’t my families job to parent my child. That will be left for me and the hubs to do! Not to mention, we are an unlucky breed that doesn’t get a lot of days to ourselves anyways or family that is available to watch baby Linus. Does that mean we shouldn’t cease the day? OH FUCK NO, we would go insane!

What’s the point of this here story you ask me? STOP BEING JUDGEY AND PUSHY WITH WHAT OTHER PARENTS DO! Accept the fact that different methods work for different families a move along! Offer your opinion when it is asked for a not a moment sooner! Mind your business thats all, just mind ya business (from an old tv show haha)!


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